Satin in the Rain

I am inherently lazy when it comes to embellishing. I don’t own (moreover, wear) very much jewelry, I tend to be reserved with my makeup- and as much as I love the idea of dressing up, I feel most confident in less. Alors minimalist.

To make up for my lack of accessorizing, I look to statement pieces to keep my wardrobe interesting. Textiles are a great hack to being effortlessly ornate.

This dress caught my eye at MANGO a couple weeks ago, shimmering on a denim rack it had obviously been ditched on. Seduced by the lustrousness of the fabric I bought it for 12,99 € (and it’s still on sale here).

I haven’t been the biggest fan of satin in the past, but the revamped texture and rich khaki color cut the tacky prom dress aesthetic. The straight halter-effect neckline and spaghetti straps play into the current 90s comeback while still looking modern and elegant.

Something about the Charlottenburg Palace under construction, in the rain, seemed reflective of the urban elegance of this look. The sneakers were a purely functional choice, but in a very Berlin fashion, ended up making the look.

Working with a capsule seasonal wardrobe that fits into a suitcase, I wear lingerie to events and tuck dresses into jeans when I haven’t shaved my legs to make the most of every piece. It’s essential to my lifestyle.

This dress has proved to be a wonderfully versatile item this season. With sneakers or stiletto sandals (I’m thinking barely there white), or tucked into a some raw denim for a little texture contrast (similar white jeans here and here) it makes each outfit that little bit more, without any additional effort.

P.S.: double layered for braless days, you’re welcome.

Photography: Paula Werdnik

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